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A legislator giving the message of love in the time of hatred

MLA Umesh Kumar got 62 young men and women from different communities married together

Report-Amaanullah Usmani

Where nowadays the market of hatred is hot, political parties are engaged in increasing political power by inciting the sentiments of the public for political gains, dividing the public, there is also an independent MLA in Uttarakhand who is trying to win over people of every religion and caste. Sees with equal vision and is engaged in removing their happiness and sorrow without any discrimination, this journalist-turned-politician is giving the message of love even in the time of hatred. Independent MLA from Khanpur Assembly Constituency Umesh Kumar is very serious about marriage of poor families. For the same, the marriage of Muslim girls was done by Mufti Riyasat and Maulana Arshad. It is worth mentioning that Umesh Kumar is the first independent MLA of Uttarakhand, who is very serious about getting girls from poor families married. On this occasion, Khanpur MLA Umesh Kumar said from the stage that this time he has got marriages of 62 boys and girls from different communities at Nehru Stadium. A target has also been set to get 101 girls married in October-November this year and 202 in the next year. He said that he is getting continuous support from the people of Haridwar district and he is confident that people will continue to support him in the future. Umesh Kumar said that some people are calling such a program as politics, if it is politics, then I like it and all leaders should do such politics. Will be saved from He thanked the team for their cooperation in making the program a success. Said that the people of Khanpur had reposed faith in him despite being an outsider. He said that he is grateful to every person of the assembly constituency. BSP general secretary and social worker Sonia Sharma congratulated the newlyweds. And wished them a bright future. She said that she expresses her gratitude to the people of all communities who attended the programme. On this occasion, MLA Umesh Kumar and BSP leader Sonia Sharma sent best wishes to all newly married couples. Household items were also made available to all the married couples by MLA Umesh Kumar. During this, special arrangements were made for the guests coming from outside in the mass marriage ceremony.

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